A List Of Paramedical Courses After 10th- Best Medical Courses After 12th

In our last blog, we presented before you, a list of Paramedical courses after 12th. Over here, we will take a look at the list of paramedical courses after 10th along with those after 12th standard.

A List Of Paramedical Courses After 10th- Best Medical Courses After 12th

This would help you to have complete information about the different Paramedical course options.


These courses can be pursued prior to graduation or straightforwardly after 10th standard, then it is called a diploma. If you wish to do it post 10+2, then it happens to be a medical bachelors course which is termed as a B.Sc. Degree. Likewise, there also exists diploma courses after 12th in medical field. Paramedic health-care professionals happen to be in huge demand all round the world. They are directly related to the everyday working of a hospital or nursing home and work as assistants to Doctors. No medical facility can survive sans the steady endeavors of the paramedical staff. They exist in all the fields of the medical fraternity.

Majority students go for the MBBS abroad path in the event that they don’t get a seat in their home country. While it is quite troublesome and costly to get into a MBBS course, getting admission to Paramedical courses post 10th or 12th standard is an incredible option. These courses are likewise quite easier to crack and they are of shorter span. That includes Diploma courses after 12th in medical field as well.

Course fees and duration:

Certificate courses happen to be the briefest in length that are for the most part 1 year duration or 2 semesters in length. The course fees happen to be around 50k each semester for the certificate course.

Diploma courses are usually for 4 semesters or 2 years and fall within the range of 35k to 40k for every semester. Add up to is around 2 lacs towards the completion of 2 years consisting of different expenses and charges.

Degree or a Bachelor course from a regular day college will cost around 60k for every year,so for a duration of 3 years again, around 2 lacs comprising of other tuition fees and exam expenses.

On the off chance that you wish to live in the hostel of these colleges,which some offer, then the fees is around 2000 each month and another 2000 for food for each month and travel costs 1000 pm.

Scope and salary:

Once you pursue a course from the list of paramedical courses after 10th or the list of paramedical courses after 12th, and become a paramedic you have a number of career options before you.

Paramedics on the whole is an extensive and expansive term for all the medical technicians, pharmacists, echo assistants, radiographers, blood collection reps, lab technicians,those managing cardio tools and dialysis machines etc. Most beginning packages are from 1.25 lacs per annum. The best thing about this job is that in the wake of getting some experience here, you can likewise find a job in different nations as the demand for this sort of specialty is high beginning from $60,000.

Placements and jobs:

Benefit of doing a healthcare related job or a paramedical course from an established institute is that they at times provide you placements in organizations that they are affiliated to. What you need to pay special attention to is an establishment that is tied up with a clinic, such as a chain of diagnostic organization that has branches everywhere throughout the country. Likewise, a few organizations supply X-ray machines, MRI, CT Scan or other medical innovation and the institute is tied up with them. This happens to be a 100% job guarantee once you pass out from that institute. Some paramedic courses are likewise held by hospitals and provide you placement in that healing center itself.

List of Paramedical courses after 12th – Undergraduate level:

These happen to be Bachelor’s degree and comparable to some other B.Sc degree from a senior college in the wake of finishing 10+2. These courses keep running for 3 years and a detailed training course in every subject is explored. The benefit of this course is that you get an extremely exhaustive knowledge of the field and furthermore as just the government affiliated universities offer the Bachelors degrees, the brand value of the college and the value of the degree is high. Some of the courses at undergraduate level are as follows:

– B.Sc. Nursing

– B.Sc. Medical Technology

– B.Sc. Optometry

– B.Sc. Radio Therapy

– B.Sc. Allied Health Sciences

List of Paramedical courses after 10th – Diploma:

Diploma in any of the courses listed underneath is useful for students who are not willing to opt in for junior college and wish to straight away go in for something semi professional. Once you complete this, you are all set for a job at the age of 17 or 18. This is useful for individuals who wish to join the work force quickly. On the other hand, post you complete this course, you can opt for another course in degree or certification in the event that you wish to specialize in something different or switch the stream.

-Diploma in Emergency Medicine

-DMLT- Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

-Diploma in Hospital Administration

-Diploma in O.T. Technician

-Diploma in Biomedical Instrumentation

Paramedical certificate courses:

Along with courses after 10th and 12th and Diploma courses after 12th in medical field, there also happens to be the Paramedical certificate courses option.

These short in length courses are useful for individuals who are looking for a crash course in an Allied Healthcare course. The benefit is that it can be pursued anytime and requires just a year to complete. There are numerous small institutes that offer this kind of certification course. The impediment of it is that as against a Degree or Diploma course,which are pursued from big colleges and have a good name and reputation with them. After you complete from a little institute,you will just get a certificate saying that you have completed this course. Although this isn’t bad, but you must be cautious of where you have done this course from and in the event that it adequately recognized in the market for you to land a good job post that.

Some of the options are:

– DE diabtest educator

– Certificate Course in Healthcare Quality Management

– X-Ray Technician

…..and so on….


In addition to the list of paramedical courses after 12th and list of paramedical courses after 10th, there are Fellowship programmes as well. These are for the most part for MBBS doctors and is even more of a research based title provided.

– Fellowship in Cardiac Rehabilitation

– Fellowship in Dialysis

– Fellowship in Sports Sciences etc….

With this, we come to the end of the list of various Paramedical course options consisting of those after 10th, 12th and Diploma courses after 12th in medical field.

Next time, SayTooLoud would target some other profession. All the best for your career!

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